Solar Hot Water For Your Home, Pool & Hot Tub

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Thermal Technology

Uses For Solar Thermal Energy

Solar-Evacuated-TubesSolar thermal technology can be used in a variety of ways.  On a large scale, sunlight is being focused with mirrors to heat a tower of molten salt to very high temperatures. This salt stores heat much like a battery stores electricity. This heat can be used day or night to make electricity from steam by pumping ground water through the super-heated salt. 

Here are some ways that we use Solar Thermal Technology

Solar Domestic Hot Water: You can produce your own household hot water with the power of the sun.  Easily store 120 gallons (or more) of hot water each day for use in your showers, sinks, laundry facilities and other household uses.

Solar Pool & Hot Tub: Your pool can be easily kept at or above 70 degrees F year-round with the power of our evacuated tube systems.  Hot tubs, when used with a cover, can also be heated with the power of the sun to temperatures exceeding 110 degrees F. 

Solar Greenhouse Beds: To grow crops year-round, soil temperatures must be maintained above 65 degrees F.  This can easily be achieved with raised planting beds that have radiant tubing pre-installed under the growing medium.  Our solar thermal systems can then provide priority heating to the growing space, heating the soil from underneath through the radiant tubing.  With the addition of a tank, this thermal energy can be stored and used into the night, offsetting the costs of heating with just fossil fuels.

Solar Radiant Floors: Heated floors are very comfortable, and an efficient way to heat the home.  Our solar thermal systems can provide scalable heating for homes of any size through radiant tubing in the floors or radiators.  Our technology can easily be integrated into existing radiant heat systems too, providing an additional heat source to what is already existing.

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