Pump Water With Solar Energy

Reliable Water Supply & Distribution

Solar Water Pumping

Pumping water from the sun is an easy, affordable and reliable water supply option.  Our solar water pumping packages come in a wide variety of submersible and surface pumping options.

vertical-grundfos-sq-flexPumping Water From A Well

  • One of the easiest and most reliable methods of pumping water from a well is with a solar direct AC / DC pump.  Our pumps can lift water as high as 800′ or pump more than 15 gallons per minute directly from solar panels.  This system is ideal when water is pumped to a tank high up on your property by day, making pressurized water available 24/7.  A float control can be used to turn off the system when the tank is full.  This type of system requires no batteries and only pump water when the sun is shining.
  • If pumping water at night is necessary, or if your property doesn’t have enough vertical lift to put a tank up high and build pressure, then a battery based system is required.  Existing pumps can be used, however changing over to an AC / DC compatible well pump is ideal for efficiency.  Water is pumped from the well to a pressure tank and then delivered to your home and property.  The system is powered by batteries which can be recharged from the sun, a generator, or the utility grid.  An inverter is required to power AC well pumps.  

Surface Water: Creeks, Rivers, Ponds

  • Crop irrigation and livestock watering are some of the biggest reasons for surface water pumping.  Like with our submersibles, our surface pump systems can be solar direct or battery backup.  One of the great benefits of solar surface water pumping systems is how transportable and remote they can be located, and get the job done really well. Our surface pumps can pump up to 70+ GPM and pump up to 25′ vertical lift.